Study of prevalence of human immunodeficiency virus in various sexually transmitted diseases patients at tertiary care center

Abhishek Bunker, Neela V. Bhuptani, Bharti K. Patel, Raghavon U. N.


Background: The presentation and course of sexually transmitted diseases (STD) may be altered by presence of coexisting HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) status. The purpose of the study was to study the prevalence of HIV in 278 cases of STDs.

Methods: From September 2018 to December 2021, all STDs presented in dermatology outpatient department of a tertiary care center, were assessed to determine the prevalence of HIV. A thorough history was taken along with proper general and cutaneous examination as per predesigned case record proforma.

Results: Prevalence of HIV was observed in 29 (10.43%) out of 278 STD patients, out of which 18 were males and 11 were females with the male:female ratio of 1.63:1. Maximum patients belonged to the age group of 31-40 years (44.72%). Herpes genitalis was the most common STD associated in HIV seropositivity (9.56%).

Conclusions: HIV prevalence in STDs has been showing decreasing trends in our study. In view of this, prevention and control of STDs play an important role in efforts to control HIV infection in India. Hence Focusing on this STD and HIV relationship is of vital importance.


Prevalence, STDs, HIV seropositivity, Herpes genitalis

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