A study on the efficacy of platelet rich plasma for the treatment of patterned hair loss


  • Neerja Puri Department of Dermatology, Punjab Health Systems Corporation, Punjab, India
  • Sushma Thakur Department of Pathology, Punjab Health Systems Corporation, Punjab, India




Platelet rich plasma, Androgenetic alopecia, Female pattern hair loss, Centrifugation


Background: Platelet rich plasma (PRP) is a promising and novel therapy new therapy for the treatment of androgenetic alopecia. There are various growth factors in PRP which induce the proliferation of dermal papilla cells.

Methods: We selected twenty-five cases of both male and female pattern hair loss for the study.

Results: Very good improvement was seen in 8 (32%) patients, good improvement was seen in 12 (48%) patients, average improvement, was seen in 2 (8%) and poor improvement, was seen in 3 (12%) patients. Regarding the side effects of PRP, bruising was seen in 2 (8%), pain was seen in 3 (12%). After 4 months of treatment, average hair count increased by 40% and average hair shaft diameter increased by 56%.

Conclusions: PRP is a novel therapy, but is not an evidence-based therapy for the treatment of alopecia.

Author Biography

Neerja Puri, Department of Dermatology, Punjab Health Systems Corporation, Punjab, India



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