Congenital cutis laxa with multi-system involvement

Karan Malhotra, Karjigi Siddalingappa, Kallappa C. Herakal


Cutis laxa is a heterogeneous group of inherited and acquired rare connective tissue disease characterized by loose, wrinkled, and inelastic skin. It clinically presents as loose skin with folds giving a premature aged appearance. Cutis laxa is very rare, with an estimated incidence of one in 4 million. There are many case reports on acquired cutis laxa but very few on “congenital” cutis laxa. Authors report a 15 years old female presenting with a history of recurrent respiratory tract infections since the age of 2 years associated with flaccid skin all over her body and extensive loose folds of skin over face, neck, abdomen, arms and thighs since birth. Cutis laxa has been diagnosed based on the clinical picture and histopathological appearance. No medical treatment is available for correction of the pathology of disease. Plastic surgery remains the only modality of treatment to improve the cosmetic appearance. Systemic abnormalities need specific treatment depending upon the condition. The purpose of this report is due to its rarity and involvement of skin, hairs, respiratory, cardiovascular and genitourinary system in a single patient.


Connective tissue disease, Congenital, Cutis laxa, Inherited, Flaccid skin

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