Blistering in a newborn: a rare case report

Jasleen Kaur, Jyoti Budhwar, Ankush Maheshwary, Karandeep Singh Bhatti


Epidermolysis bullosa is a heterogeneous group of inherited mechanobullous disorders that present with skin and mucosal fragility, leading to blister formation after minimal trauma. 18 days old female baby presented with fluid-filled blisters of variable sizes over the lower lip, bilateral heels, hands, buttocks, chest, legs and arms, which ruptured spontaneously leaving raw areas. The history and physical examination suggested epidermolysis bullosa simplex and so, skin biopsy was done to confirm the diagnosis. On confirmation, patient’s parents were counselled about the disease and its management.


Epidermolysis bullosa simplex, Trauma, Erosions

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