Published: 2019-10-21

Topical steroid addiction among paramedical staff: a cross sectional study in a tertiary health care centre

Maitreyee Panda, Ipsita Debata, Debasmita Behera, Chinmoy Raj, Ajaya Jena


Background: Topical corticosteroid misuse is one of the major causes of concern for dermatologist now-a-days. It is not only prevalent in general population but also among individuals associated with medical profession like paramedical staffs. The aim of the present study was to understand the various causes and demographic profile of paramedical staffs using steroids alone or in combination as fairness creams.

Methods: All paramedical staffs using topical steroids as fairness creams were screened for the exclusion criteria and included in our study.

Results: Females staffs (82.24%) predominated our study group. Betamethasone valerate (46.16%) was found to be the most common topical corticosteroid being misused and the source of recommendation was mostly from pharmacy (37.06%) without any prescriptions.

Conclusions: With increasing misuse of topical corticosteroids it is the need of the hour to evaluate the intensity of the problem, contributing factors and the associated morbidity leading to impaired quality of life, not only in the general population but also among the health care provider.


Topical corticosteroid, Topical steroid dependent face (TSDF), Paramedical staffs, Steroid misuse, Red face syndrome

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