A not so common cause for fever with rashes

Murali Narasimhan, Saju A. Sathar, Ramachandran Ramakrishnan


Skin rashes that appear during febrile illnesses can be due to various infectious diseases and non-infectious conditions that can range from mild self-limiting diseases to potentially life threatening conditions. Hence a comprehensive knowledge of these diseases is required. A comprehensive history must be taken, including intake of any medications, contact with animals, recent travel, and trekking in various natural environments. Complete and thorough physical examination can provide clues to early diagnosis. Here we report a case which presented with high grade fever, generalized blanching maculopapular rashes, and headache. Close examination revealed a scrotal ulcer leading to the diagnosis of scrub typhus which was confirmed by ELISA and treated successfully with doxycycline.



Maculopapular rash, Scrotal ulcer, Eschar

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