Clinical profile of childhood vitiligo at a tertiary hospital in North Kerala

Srirath Madappally Kambil


Background: Vitiligo is an autoimmune disorder characterised by depigmentation of skin and/or mucosa. It is seen in adults as well as children and affects both males and females.

Methods: 40 children under 14years of age with clinically diagnosed vitiligo were included in this study. The study was conducted in the dermatology outpatient department from March 2017 to February 2018. The various clinical and epidemiological features observed in the patients are described.

Results: The most common age group affected was 5 to 9 years (45%). Vitiligo was more common in girls (55%) and vitiligo vulgaris was the most common clinical type (35%). Extremities were the most common site of onset of the disease (37.5%). Leukotrichia, Koebners phenomenon and a positive family history were seen in a significant number of cases.

Conclusions: Vitiligo is common in children and is associated with significant psychological trauma leading to poor quality of life. Updated knowledge about the various clinical patterns will help in early correct diagnosis and proper treatment.


Vitiligo, Childhood, Leukotrichia, Koebners

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