A clinical study of skin manifestations in diabetes at a tertiary hospital in Kerala

Anju Antony


Background: Though extensive data is available on diabetes and its systemic manifestations, research about the skin lesions in those afflicted with diabetes is scarce. The aim of this study was to understand dermatological manifestations in diabetes.

Methods: A hospital based cross sectional study was carried out among 100 randomly selected diabetic patients afflicted with skin lesions due to diabetes.

Results: Out of 73 patients having cutaneous infections, 71.2% were having fungal infections. Out of 18 having bacterial infections, 38.9% were having furuncles. Out of 52 having fungal infections, 63.5% were having dermatophytosis. Out of 14 cases of candidal infections, the most common was intertrigo in 35.7%. Out of 33 cases of dermatophytosis, T. cruris was the most common in 54.5%. Out of 82 patients in whom we suspected dermatoses strongly associated with diabetes, the most common condition was pruritus in 36.6% of the cases.

Conclusions: Bacterial skin infections and dermatophytosis were the most common diabetic dermatological lesions in the present study.


Cutaneous manifestations, Type II diabetes, Furuncles

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