Clinical assessment of novel plant-based moisturizer “Elovera” in management of dry skin conditions


  • Gaurav Anil Deshmukh Global Medical Affairs, Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
  • Dhiraj S. Dhoot Global Medical Affairs, Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
  • Hanmant Barkate Global Medical Affairs, Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Mumbai, Maharashtra, India



Aloe vera extract, Dry skin, Eczema/dermatitis, Moisturizer, Anti-inflammatory


Background: Moisturizers are major component of basic daily skin care in patients with eczema/dermatitis. Botanical ingredients like aloe vera extract having anti-inflammatory property can be useful in reducing signs and symptoms along with improvement in dry skin in such patients.

Methods: It was retrospective data analysis conducted across 145 centres in India. Patients with eczema/dermatitis who were prescribed Elovera a novel plant-based moisturizer were included in the study. Effectiveness was assessed by evaluating improvement in DASI score, physicians, and patients’ global assessment of disease. Safety was assessed by monitoring all the adverse events reported by the patients.

Results: 402 patients were included in the study. There was significant improvement in mean baseline DASI score with with a reduction of 40.57% and 84.8% at week 2 and week 4, respectively. 86.31% (n=347) and 85.32% (n=343) patients reported significant improvement in their disease as per physician’s and patients’ global assessment of disease. Elovera was well tolerated and only 5 patients reported mild irritation and erythema during treatment.

Conclusions: The result of our study proves that “Elovera” a novel plant-based moisturizer is associated with significant improvement in dry skin, signs, and symptoms of patients with eczema/dermatitis. Based on these results concomitant use of Elovera can be considered along with standard treatment for better outcome in patients with eczema/dermatitis.  


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