Published: 2021-10-27

Dermatological manifestations in COVID-19 positive patients in a tertiary care center at Kanchipuram: an observational study

Vaishnavi Duvvuru, K. Sadagopan, M. Sneha


Background: Among the other systemic manifestations of COVID-19, cutaneous manifestations are also seen increasingly, but literature about those are significantly less. The skin manifestations in COVID are polymorphic according to studies. The aim of the study was to determine the cutaneous manifestations in COVID-19 positive patients at a tertiary care centre in Kanchipuram.

Methods: The ethics committee approved this study in our institution. The study period was 6 months (May 2020-October 2020) and those found to be SARS‐CoV‐2 positive after testing with RT‐PCR test were enrolled.

Results: In 200 patients, 20 (10%) patients had dermatological manifestations, of which urticaria was present in 7 patients (35%), pruritus was present in 4 patients (20%), 2 (10%) had urticarial vasculitis, 3 (15%) had miliaria rubra, 2 (10%) had mask induced acne and 2 (10%) had maculopapular rash. The presence of dermatological manifestations did not show any significant association between asymptomatic and symptomatic cases.

Conclusions: COVID-19 positive patients asymptomatic or symptomatic with mild to moderate symptoms can have less dermatological manifestations.


COVID-19, Cutaneous manifestations, Urticaria, SARS-CoV-2, Miliaria rubra, Urticarial vasculitis

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