Multifocal cutaneous epithelioid hemangiodothelioma on the same lower limb

Mehdi Khallaayoune, Fatima Azzahra Elgaitibi, Mariame Meziane, Nadia Ismaili, Laila Benzekri, Karima Senouci


Epithelioid hemangioendothelioma (EHE) is a rare low-grade vascular tumour mainly affecting bones, deep soft tissues and exceptionally the skin. Multifocal cutaneous involvement is uncommon and should raise suspicion for metastasizing extracutaneous epithelioid hemangiodothelioma. Hereby we report the case of a young patient with multifocal cutaneous EHE involving the same lower limb. We emphasize the necessity for dermatologists to evoke the diagnosis of EHE in patients presenting with nonspecific tumours of the extremities. Prompt management and diagnosis are essential in this potential aggressive tumour.


Cutaneous epithelioid hemangiodothelioma, Vascular tumour, Skin tumour

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