An immunologic intrigue: psoriasis vulgaris developing on pemphigus foliaceous

Deepali C. Tarate, Rachita Misri, Vinod K. Khuranna


Pemphigus foliaceous is an autoimmune blistering disease characterized by superficial flaccid blisters, erosions, scales and crusts on the seborrheic areas of the face and trunk. Mucosal involvement is seldom seen. The first report by Bloom in 1929, stated the coexistence of pemphigus foliaceous and psoriasis vulgaris. Since then, very few cases of psoriasis coexistent with autoimmune bullous diseases have been reported in which psoriasis had preceded or simultaneously presented with pemphigus foliaceous. We reported a rare case where psoriasis vulgaris developed in case of pemphigus foliaceous after 20 years.


Pemphigus foliaceous, Co-existent psoriasis vulgaris, Psoriatic arthritis, Rituximab

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