Study of quality of life in patients with premature graying of hair in Western Indian population

Dipti Mathias, Milind A. Patvekar, Mahendra S. Deora, Kalyan T. Dalave, Aishwarya Raheja


Background: Quality of life in patients with premature graying of hair is an under studied topic in Indian population. Its onset in adolescence may have a significant effect on the developing psyche of an individual sufferer impairing academic and work related performance and can be associated with low self esteem, low confidence which can further be associated with depression. Aim was to objectively evaluate the impact of premature canities on QoL and early identification of patients in need of medical and psychological intervention.

Methods: The impact on QoL was calculated with the help of a modified and prevalidated questionnaire based on the dermatology life quality index proposed by Finley and Kahn. One hundred patients with onset of canities before the age of 25 years were enrolled, after approval by the institutional ethical committee.

Results: The mean modified DLQI score recorded was 14.3±6.76. Total of 71% patients were found to have a very large to extremely large effect on the QoL. Guilt, mood fluctuation and need for medical intervention were reported frequently. The comparison between DLQI scores of boys and girls was not significant.

Conclusions: Patients of premature canities were found to have profound impact on their QoL, attributable to their perception of the disease. Considering the age group affected, it could have a long‑term detrimental effect on their psychological and social wellbeing.



Quality of life, Canities, Dermatology life quality index, Mood fluctuation

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