Prevalence and spectrum of pediatric dermatoses in school children: comparing hospital and school in rural Bangalore

Rajeshwari K. A., Geetha M., Kiran B.


Background: Pediatric dermatoses are emerging distinct entities. The exact prevalence and pattern of dermatoses is not well known in India. This novel study attempts to simultaneously assess the prevalence and distribution of skin dermatoses in hospital and community among children of age 5-16 years in rural Bangalore, India.

Methods: A cross sectional prospective descriptive study of one week duration in July 2019 was conducted in east point hospital and Government school in rural Bangalore in the vicinity.

Results: The study had a total of 119 children, 72 from the hospital and 47 from the school with prevalence of dermatoses being 33.8% and 70% respectively (p<0.00001). Primary school children were most commonly affected. Non-infectious dermatoses were most common, more so in school with eczematous lesions predominating. Bacterial infectious dermatoses were found more frequently in hospital children, while parasitic infestations were encountered commonly in school. 

Conclusions: Pediatric dermatosis seems to be widely prevalent in India. Children visiting hospitals constitute only the tip of the iceberg present in the community.


Dermatoses, Children, School, Prevalence

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