Cutaneous metastasis of signet ring cell appendiceal adenocarcinoma: a herald of disease recurrence

Jennifer L. Seyffert, Nathan Bibliowicz, Christopher Wong, Michael Wangia


Signet ring cell appendiceal adenocarcinoma (SRCAA) is a rare entity with poor prognosis and high tendency for metastasis to pelvic lymph nodes, ovaries, and peritoneal surfaces. Despite numerous reports of intra-abdominal metastasis, there have been few reported cases of cutaneous SRCAA metastasis. We report a rare case of SRCAA metastatic to the cutaneous abdominal wall in a 67 years old female, which was first presenting sign of disease recurrence.


Metastatic signet ring cell appendiceal adenocarcinoma, Cutaneous metastasis, Signet ring cell, Appendiceal adenocarcinoma

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