Study of skin changes and associated diseases in pregnancy

Komeravelli Haritha, Perumalla Nataraj


Background: Pregnancy accounts for profound changes like endocrinal, vascular, metabolic etc. The body adjust to these changes by compensating. Most changes are temporary but some may be permanent. Skin also undergoes changes and can be a cause of anxiety. Hence identification and management and counselling of these changes are important. Objective was to study the skin changes and associated diseases in pregnancy.

Methods: A hospital based cross sectional study was carried out among 100 pregnant women who were selected as per eligibility criteria of the study over a period of one and half year. Those women having skin conditions were included in the present study.

Results: Among both primigravida as well as multigravida women the most common condition was linea nigra i.e. 80.4% and 93.9% respectively. Breast changes were seen in 12.2% of the multigravida women and none in primi. Only 18 women were found to develop the specific dermatoses of pregnancy. Among them the most common dermatoses was Prurigo of pregnancy in 66.7% of the cases 5% had bacterial skin infections. 9% had viral skin infections. 16% had scabies. 14% had fungal skin infections and among them, Tinea versicolar was more common. 3% had angular stomatitis.

Conclusions: Dermatoses of pregnancy were common in the study sample. They need proper attention in order to treat, and manage properly and at the same time it needs psychological counselling to relieve anxiety among pregnant women.


Pregnancy, Skin lesions, Dermatophytoses

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