Cutaneous lymphangiectasia of the vulva secondary to pulmonary tuberculosis: a case report

Savita Arya, Asha Nyati, Motilal Bunkar, Rajendra Prasad Takhar, Saroj Mirdha


Cutaneous lymphangiectasia of the genitalia represent dilatation of upper dermal lymphatic’s following damage to previously normal deep lymphatics, is an uncommon condition and only few cases have been reported following pulmonary tuberculosis. Here we are describing a case of 75 years old female patient, who came with multiple translucent papulovesicular lesions over the vulva, labia majora, minora and upper thigh from twelve year duration, with watery discharge since eight years. She had a history of pulmonary tuberculosis twenty years ago. The patient underwent punch biopsy of the lesion over the vulva and histopathological examination confirmed our diagnosis as lymphangiectasia of the vulva. She was managed conservatively with anti-tubercular drugs and got relief in watery discharge and skin lesions.


Lymphangiectasia of vulva, Pulmonary tuberculosis, Acquired lymphangioma

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